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Fighting Government Fraud Charges

If you are being investigated or have been charged or arrested in connection with a government fraud case in Florida, you need experienced local counsel to protect your rights. Retaining an experienced government fraud defense attorney early in the process is imperative to a successful defense.

Our Florida State And Federal Government Fraud Defense Experience And Philosophy

Bjorn Brunvand — a Florida board-certified criminal trial attorney and nationally board-certified criminal trial lawyer — has defended businesspeople in criminal cases filed in Tampa, Clearwater and surrounding cities for over 20 years. Those criminal cases have included a substantial number of white collar cases and, more specifically, government fraud cases.

We can guide you through the state or federal criminal justice system with a combination of skill, experience, tenacity and understanding. In cases in which our clients have advance notice that they are being investigated, our firm is often brought in to assist during the investigation and grand jury phases.

We Can Begin Taking Action Before Charges Are Filed

We are well aware of the damage that government fraud cases can do to a business’s or individual’s reputation and livelihood. Our firm, if involved early enough, can take steps to minimize any media attention to the case, while building a solid defense to the charges.

If retained early enough, our firm has the experience, knowledge and skill to help clients, in many cases, avoid or mitigate government fraud charges by negotiating with law enforcement and prosecutors. If trial becomes necessary, the litigation skills of the attorneys of Brunvand Wise, P.A., are hard-charging and second-to-none.

Types Of Government Fraud

The attorneys in our firm have a wealth of experience defending federal criminal cases, where most significant government fraud cases are prosecuted. We defend individual and business clients against all varieties of government fraud charges, including:

  • Government contract fraud
  • Medicaid/Medicare fraud
  • Securities fraud
  • Social Security fraud
  • State and federal grant fraud
  • Political corruption
  • Election fraud
  • Immigration fraud
  • Tax fraud and tax evasion

The government can be an intimidating adversary. A seasoned and skilled government fraud defense attorney can help guide you through the process from investigation through trial.

For over 20 years of criminal defense practice, Bjorn Brunvand has fostered the respect of the prosecutors and judges involved in Tampa government fraud cases. This stellar reputation and unsurpassed skill place our firm’s clients in a strong position from which to approach the resolution of a criminal case.

We Understand How To Fight Government Fraud Charges

Do not allow government fraud charges to ruin your future or damage your business. Turn to Brunvand Wise, P.A., for an experienced defense against government fraud charges. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 813-521-8069 or contact us online.