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Nigerian Man Sentenced To 46 Months In Federal Prison After Pleading Guilty To Medicare Fraud

A Nigerian man living in Southern California was sentenced to almost four years in Federal prison after pleading guilty to involvement in a scheme to defraud Medicare via sales of durable medical equipment (DME).

Football season encourages drinking, pregaming

Football season is here, and as it gets closer to the Super Bowl in February, people will continue to go to tailgate parties, football matches and other events. There's no question that a major part of this celebration of American sports involves alcohol.

Whether it's drinking a few beers with friends in a parking lot during a game or drinking while you watch a game live at a bar, you may be having a great time but raising your blood alcohol content (BAC) more than you know. Truthfully, if you're not careful, you could become highly intoxicated over the course of the night.

Holiday Man Sentenced To Life In Slaying Of Allegedly Noisy Neighbor

A Holiday man who insisted he was responsible for the killing of his neighbor throughout his trial was found by a Pasco County jury to be truthful when they found him guilty at trial last week, assigning him a sentence of imprisonment for life.

New task force aims to stop health care fraud in new programs

It should be no surprise that health care fraud is taken seriously by the government. It directly affects patients and the government's pocketbook alike.

That's why the departments of Justice and Veterans Affairs are starting to work together to fight back against health care fraud. The VA is currently expanding a program that is like Medicare. It would allow veterans to seek out health care at private facilities at taxpayers' expense. This partnership will be aggressively targeting fraud in the expanding programs, according to the assistant attorney general of the Department of Justice.

Mental health providers accused of Medicaid fraud in Tallahassee

Two mental health providers in Tallahassee have been indicted by a federal grand jury following accusations of over 80 counts of Medicaid fraud, aggravated identity theft and false statements related to health care.

The case began after the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit started an investigation into the mental health providers. The indictment states that the manager of North Florida Mental Health and a signatory made false and fictitious claims for reimbursement and payment to Florida Medicaid and managed care organizations. They claim to have performed services including psychiatric diagnostic evaluations, psychotherapy and therapeutic behavior services.

CA Health Care Provider To Pay $5M To Settle Fraud Allegations

A California health care provider and one of its doctors have agreed to pay over $5 million to settle claims by the Federal government that it submitted false claims to Medicare.

Federal prosecutors say the California firm contracted with several area Medicare Advantage Organizations (MAO) to provide its enrollees with health care services in exchange for a share of the payments it receives from Medicare. As Medicare pays MAOs more for patients with more severe diagnoses, investigators say the firm took advantage of the fact by submitting additional diagnosis codes that did not match the patients’ actual health to the MAOs.

Veteran faces murder charges over 2 police officer killings

Stress, anxiety and depression can cause people to do terrible things. They may hallucinate or not understand what they're doing. Sometimes, the trauma of past work or experiences can lead someone down the path to murder. It's argued that post-traumatic stress and other mental health conditions may be the cause of a double murder in Florida.

An ambush by a Marine veteran led to the deaths of two Florida police officers, according to a Sept. 3 report. The prosecution claim that the man had posted a status update on Facebook under a different name that showed his view of law enforcement. The post called the authorities racist.

Woman sentenced to 4 years in prison for white collar crimes

White collar crimes don't involve violence, but they can impact many people's lives. Unfortunately, if you get caught participating in one of these activities, the penalties can be significant.

Take, for example, this case out of Port St. Lucie. A woman, only 29 now, has been sentenced to four years in federal prison as a result of committing wire fraud and forgery.

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