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Our Options For Reducing Federal Drug Allegations

When you face drug allegations, the charges could end up as federal charges. Federal crimes are serious and there are not as many options to mitigate the consequences. You may be facing mandatory (and significant) prison sentences if you are convicted.

However, there are several regulations built into the statutes that can help you reduce your sentence. These are called Rule 35, safety valve and minor role regulations. At Brunvand Wise, P.A., we are experienced in taking these cases and using them to our clients’ advantage.

The firm’s lead attorneys, Bjorn Brunvand and Jervis Wise, are board-certified criminal trial lawyers. They are considered experts in criminal defense, and you can be certain they will provide you with a strategic, aggressive defense tailored to your unique circumstances. 

What To Know About Rule 35, Safety Valve And Minor Role

There are three ways to minimize federal drug consequences. They are:

Rule 35: This is used to reduce or correct a sentence after an error by the court. It can also mean not only a reduced sentence, even below statutory minimums, but a total dismissal of charges.

Safety valve: Federal judges are required to impose a minimum prison sentence for several federal offences. There is a “safety valve,” created by Congress, for people facing common drug trafficking charges and unlawful possession. There are certain qualifications that must be met, but this can allow the defendant to receive a lesser sentence.

Minor role: Minor role allows a lighter sentence if the defense can prove that the defendant did not play a major role in the crime.

Aggressively Defending Your Rights Against Serious Federal Drug Charges

Our criminal defense attorneys have more than 40 years of combined experience. There are ways to get better outcomes for people who are facing federal drug charges. Call our experienced lawyers in our Clearwater or Tampa offices at 813-521-8069, or email us today.