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Defense Contractor Fraud

Protect Yourself Against Claims Of Fraud

When there are millions of dollars at stake with a government contract, there is a lot on the line. If you or your company is accused of defrauding the government in a defense contract fraud, call our lawyers at Brunvand Wise, P.A.

The U.S. spends billions of dollars every year on defense contracts. A lot of that money is used to hire contractors and private businesses. The value of those contracts has made the government more diligent in litigating false claims and fraud. Your best defense starts when you hire our aggressive and skilled criminal defense lawyers. We have a track record of protecting clients’ rights against serious allegations.

Fraud-Related Statutes

There are two main statutes that the government will use to make their case for fraud.

1. False Representation

There is a federal statute that states that a contractor can be charged if they “knowingly and willfully” misrepresent themselves or intentionally make false statements about what can be accomplished. That includes:

  • Falsifying/concealing facts
  • Materially false, fictious or fraudulent statements
  • Documents that contain false, fictious or fraudulent statements or representation

2. The Federal False Claims Act

Also known as the Lincoln Law, this act enforces liability on companies and contractors that defraud government programs. There are seven theories of liability mentioned in the act. If the government charges you or is investigating you for defense contractor fraud, it will look for:

  • Conspiracy
  • False claims
  • False purchases
  • False records
  • False receipts
  • Cases where the property promised was not delivered.
  • Reverse false claims. The defendant tried to reduce its obligation to the government through false statements; created false records; or knowingly falsified records for the purpose of avoiding, concealing or decreasing its financial obligation to the government

Guardians Of Your Rights In Serious Defense Contractor Fraud Cases

Our 40-plus years of collective experience will help you from the investigation stage through a trial, if necessary, if you face charges in Florida. Call our attorneys at Brunvand Wise, P.A., at 813-521-8069 or visit our contact page if you face charges in Florida.