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Facing Illegal Vaping Allegations? Protect Yourself.

Confusion about vaping is causing legal issues. Florida’s Clean Indoor Air Act has been expanded to include vaping. That has created misunderstanding for people who are no longer allowed to vape where it was previously allowed. There are also problems for minors and for people who are legally vaping but are accused of using the pens to ingest marijuana and other illegal drugs.

The pens can mask the smell of marijuana and that has led to charges against people who use them legally. Minors and people who manufacture and sell oils for legal use are also being accused. If you have been accused of illegal vaping, call our drug charge defense attorneys at Brunvand Wise, P.A.

Vaping was marketed as a way for people to stop smoking or limit the amount of nicotine ingested. Cigarette smoking was banned in public places, but vaping was allowed until 2019. Because the pens mask smells, people are also using them to smoke marijuana and other drugs. Retailers who sell oils for legal use are also being charged. Vape users who have not broken any laws are being accused of violating drug laws. Some of the charges have gone above accusations of possession and use.

Vape Oil Distributors, Manufacturers And Store Owners Face Increased Charges

The pens have been used to consume marijuana and synthetic marijuana. This has led to increased illegal usage. But not everyone who uses the pen or makes oils are breaking the law.

Manufacturers, distributors and store owners who have no intent to violate the state’s laws are being charged with:

  • Conspiracy to possess, with intent to distribute
  • Conspiracy to distribute
  • Possession with intent to distribute
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing

Sale to teens has also caused issues, as it is illegal to sell e-cigarettes and vaping products to anyone under 18. However, teen vaping is increasing. Businesses that are not intentionally selling vaping products to minors are being charged.

Illegal Vaping Requires A Strong, Experienced Defense

Our drug charge defense lawyers are prepared to defend you against charges of illegal vaping in Clearwater, Tampa or throughout Florida. For a consultation, email us or call 813-521-8069.