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When Should I Call A Capital Murder Defense Attorney?

If you know you are a suspect in a Tampa Bay area murder case or if you have been arrested on homicide charges, you should contact a Tampa capital murder defense attorney immediately.

Do Not Talk To The Police Without An Attorney

An arrest or the belief that you may be arrested will likely cause overwhelming anxiety and an ever-changing variety of emotions including sadness, fear, anger and confusion. This is not a good state of mind with which to sit down with law enforcement investigators for an interview, especially in capital murder cases.

We Will Be With You Every Step Of The Way

At Brunvand Wise, P.A., we have more than 40 years of combined experience with law enforcement in Tampa. We also have attorneys Bjorn Brunvand and Jervis Wise, who are board-certified criminal trial lawyers. Their expertise in criminal defense can be an asset to tough cases like these.

The smartest choice you can make is to retain an experienced attorney to intervene and assist you in any communications between you and the police. Our aggressive representation of you can, and should, begin even before an arrest is made.

Early assistance by an experienced homicide defense attorney will help build the best case possible for you. Just as law enforcement investigates and builds a case against you, we will investigate. Private investigators, often former law enforcement themselves, will locate potential witnesses and preserve their statements before their memories fade. As capital murder cases in the Tampa Bay area often take at least a year to reach trial, beginning to gather evidence as soon as possible can be extremely helpful to a tenacious and effective defense.

Begin Fighting Murder Charges Today

Having the right attorney by your side as soon as possible can be incredibly advantageous, especially when murder charges are coming or have been filed. Turn to Brunvand Wise, P.A., for defense representation that is highly effective. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 813-521-8069 or contact us online.