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Questions About Domestic Violence: Answered

If you are facing allegations of domestic violence you likely have many questions that we can help answering. Our lawyers at Brunvand Wise, P.A. have provided defense representation to Florida clients for years. We understand the implications a domestic violence charge can have and the confusion that comes with it. Our legal team frequently hears the following questions:

Can someone make domestic violence allegations if there is only one incident?

It will depend on the gravity of the action in question. One instance of abuse may not lead to a conviction, but patterns of emotional, physical and other types of abuse may result in serious consequences.

What’s the penalty for domestic violence in Florida?

If convicted, Florida requires a minimum of five days in a county jail as punishment for domestic violence. But additional penalties may include imprisonment in a state prison. Time served and fines associated with domestic violence convictions will depend on the type and severity of the crimes.

I’m not sure I’m blameless. Can I still defend myself against allegation of domestic violence?

There are ways to defend against domestic violence charges. Contact us for a consultation so that we can go over the facts specific to your case and walk you through the possible outcomes.

Is a domestic violence charge a felony or a misdemeanor?

Every domestic violence case is different. Some domestic violence cases involving a simple assault or battery charge may be filed as misdemeanors. There are instances when domestic violence can be charged as a felony, those include (but are not limited to) when there is the use of a weapon, severe bodily harm, domestic battery by strangulation, or aggravated assault.

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