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What If You’re Arrested?

Defending Your Rights

Early Intervention

The fact that you have been arrested does not necessarily mean that you have formal charges against you. The time period immediately after your arrest is generally the time when the state attorney is reviewing your case to decide what to charge you with if at all. You should have someone representing your interests involved during this very critical time period. More…

Pretrial Intervention

You may be a candidate for a diversionary program that would allow you an ultimate dismissal of your case despite the fact that the state can prove the case against you. More…


The circumstances of your case may lead to motions that may ultimately lead to the dismissal of your case even when it appears to you that it is hopeless.

Avoid A Conviction

In the event that you do not qualify for pretrial intervention and the facts of your case do not support any motion beneficial to your case, there is still the possibility of avoiding a formal conviction so that you do not become a convicted criminal. More…

Avoid Jail Or Prison

There are ways that you may be able to avoid jail or prison time, despite the fact that the sentencing guidelines may mandate prison in your case or the state may be seeking jail time. More…

Jury Trial

You are entitled to a jury trial on most criminal charges, and you should take full advantage of this right in the event that the case cannot be resolved to your satisfaction.