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Allegations Of Neglect Are Life-Changing – Let Us Help

Defending yourself against accusations of neglect is no light matter. If allegations are proven you may lose your rights as a parent and, even if not proven, you could carry a tarnished reputation for years to come. When allegations of neglect compromise your relationship with your children, your best course of action is turning to an attorney with proven success in defending clients in serious matters.

For years, Brunvand Wise, P.A. has provided clients from around Florida with proactive advocacy and knowledgeable counsel. Our lawyers have extensive experience across an array of legal matters; we bring a well of knowledge and proven strategies to every defense.

Our Knowledgeable Lawyers Will Work To Protect Your Rights

To better understand the allegations against you, it may help you to know the definition of neglect. According to Florida law, neglect includes (but is not limited to) the failure to provide:

  • Shelter;
  • Supervision;
  • Food and nutrition;
  • Clothing;
  • Essential medicine or medical services;
  • Protection from abuse or exploitation.

Facing allegations of neglect and other forms of domestic violence can create a heavy burden on you and your family. We understand that your future is at stake, as is your reputation as a parent. Our lawyers will fight for you by providing a strong and informed defense focused on protecting your rights.

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Do not let the serious matter of neglect allegations overburden you. We can help. Call us in Clearwater at 813-521-8069 or use the contact form to set up your free consultation.