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Florida struggles with white collar crimes, data shows

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2019 | White Collar Crimes

Every year, there are rankings put together to identify areas in the United States that have the most crime of certain types. This year, one article describes how Florida ranks when considering white collar crimes.

White collar crimes do account for hundreds of billions of dollars in losses, and they take place across the United States. Florida has three of the top 25 worst cities for white collar crime. In Florida, Orlando, Tampa and Miami are cities where you’re most likely to see white collar crimes take place according to historical data.

Data shows that there are over 4,200 white collar crimes per every 10,000 people in Miami. The only location with more white collar crime is Richmond, Virginia, based on a news report by Summit Defense.

Tampa and Orlando have significantly less crime, but they are ranked 10th and 7th for white collar crimes in the top 25. Both have fewer than 3,000 white collar crimes per 10,000 people, but that’s still significant.

What kinds of white collar crimes are happening?

Miami is particularly known for identity theft, which happens at a rate of around 50 per 10,000 people. Tampa ranks at around 15 cases per 10,000.

Embezzlement and forgery are also common, and Miami ranks in the top five for cities with these crimes. Other crimes that can be seen include tax evasion, tech fraud, insurance fraud and bribery.

White collar crimes are fairly common in the United States, but Florida is struggling. If you are accused of participating in a white collar crime in Florida, you may want to seek out help to defend yourself.


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