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White Collar Crimes

What, exactly, is a target letter?

The government takes federal crimes as seriously as a heart attack. Agents pursue investigations with bulldogged persistence. The Department of Justice or an agency related to a case must inform targets that a review is underway. If you become one of these subjects of...

What constitutes as embezzlement?

Embezzlement is a type of fraud or theft that falls under white-collar crime. The United States Department of Justice describes embezzlement as the fraudulent appropriation of property. If you face accusations of embezzlement, there are several elements that a...

What to expect when the IRS audits you

The chance of you having to undergo a tax audit after filing your taxes each year is rare, but there are certain elements of a tax return that may pique the IRS’ attention and cause them to take a second look at your filing. If you do find yourself the subject of a...

What is mortgage fraud?

Allegations of white-collar crimes can result in serious ramifications. Financial institution fraud targets credit unions, retail banks and other federally-insured institutions. According to the FBI, mortgage fraud is financial institution fraud. When it comes to...

Facts about Florida embezzlement

Charges of embezzlement can have serious legal consequences. Florida categorizes embezzlement under its general theft laws. Learn what to expect if you face a hearing for embezzlement at the state level. Defining embezzlement in Florida Embezzlement means that the...


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