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Woman sentenced to 4 years in prison for white collar crimes

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2019 | White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes don’t involve violence, but they can impact many people’s lives. Unfortunately, if you get caught participating in one of these activities, the penalties can be significant.

Take, for example, this case out of Port St. Lucie. A woman, only 29 now, has been sentenced to four years in federal prison as a result of committing wire fraud and forgery.

The woman admitted that she had committed wire fraud, forged securities and access device fraud in the time when she worked in four jobs in health-care billing. How did she do it? She called companies and pretended to be third-party issuer agents. She was able to obtain Pinnacle Testing’s treatment provider codes, links to websites and pins. She did the same with Transformation Treatment Centers.

By doing this, she was able to send ACH wire transfers directly into bank accounts that she was in control of, taking the funds from there and moving them into her own bank accounts.

After she left her first position at Supportive Healthcare Services, where she was able to access Transformation and Pinnacle’s information, she went on to work at Apex Billing. She again defrauded Waters Edge Recovery, A Road to Recovery and All In Solutions Counseling Center.

She left again, and she next continued defrauding companies at the Dream Center for Recovery. She stayed there only two months before leaving the job. In total, she was able to obtain over $463,403 from just these acts, and they aren’t all the white collar crimes she committed.

In the end, she was caught and pleaded guilty to the fraud she committed, and she received four years in prison. She will also have to pay restitution.


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