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Navigating New Florida Laws in 2024

As a Tampa, Florida criminal defense attorney, it’s crucial to stay informed about the new laws taking effect in January 2024. These changes range from traffic regulations to investment protocols, impacting various aspects of life in Florida. Understanding these laws is vital for legal professionals and citizens alike. Let’s delve into the key legislations that you need to be aware of.

Expanded “Move Over” Law

A significant change is the expansion of the state’s “move over” law. This law, crucial for traffic safety, now includes requirements for motorists to provide space for disabled vehicles with visible occupants or warning lights. Noncompliance could result in a $158 fine. As a criminal defense attorney, it’s essential to understand these nuances for clients facing traffic-related charges.

Investment Rules Involving Iran

Another notable change is in investment laws related to Iran. HB 5C, effective January 10, expands the list of “scrutinized” companies where Florida state investments are prohibited due to ties with Iran. This aligns with federal sanctions and reflects the state’s stance on international relations. Legal practitioners should note this, especially those dealing with financial and corporate law.

Other Legislative Changes

Several other changes will take effect, which include:

1. Toll Road Credits: The end of a program offering credits to frequent toll road users.
2. Financial Disclosure for Municipal Officials: Enhanced disclosure requirements for mayors and other elected officials.
3. Workers’ Compensation Insurance: A significant decrease in rates for Florida businesses.
4. Back-to-School Tax Holiday: A period for tax exemption on certain educational items.
5. State Parks Reservation Policy: New rules favoring Floridian campers.
6. Lactation Spaces in Courthouses: Mandated availability in county courthouses.
7. KidCare Coverage Expansion: Enhanced eligibility for subsidized health insurance.

Criminal Justice-Specific Changes

For criminal defense attorneys, specific law changes are particularly noteworthy:

Protection of Specified Personnel (HB 67 / SB 174): This law intensifies the penalties for threats or harassment against judicial personnel.
Exploitation of Vulnerable Persons (SB 232 / HB 603): Focusing on the elderly, this law specifies conditions under which exploitation constitutes a criminal act.
Electronic Monitoring in School-Related Offenses (HB 329 / SB 496): Mandatory consideration of electronic monitoring for crimes involving schools or students.
Offenses against Animals (HB 1047): Strengthened laws against harm to police animals.
Fentanyl-Related Offenses (HB 1359 / SB 1226): Harsher penalties for fentanyl distribution.
Unlawful Dumping (HB 1367 / SB 1368): New regulations on littering in water control district properties.

Implications for Legal Practice

For criminal defense attorneys in Tampa, these changes present both challenges and opportunities. It’s important to familiarize oneself with these laws to effectively defend clients and navigate the legal system. Additionally, staying informed allows attorneys to provide valuable guidance to their clients, helping them understand their rights and responsibilities under the new legal framework.


In conclusion, the new laws taking effect in 2024 in Florida bring a mix of changes in traffic laws, financial regulations, and criminal justice. As a Tampa criminal defense attorney, being ahead of these changes is crucial for providing the best legal representation. Understanding the nuances of these laws will not only benefit legal professionals but also the clients they serve, ensuring justice and compliance in the Sunshine State.


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