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What is the most common white-collar crime offense?

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2023 | White Collar Crimes

White-collar crime refers to non-violent crimes with financial motivations. Fraud is the most common of the many white-collar crimes, with consumers losing billions of dollars a year as a result.

Part of the prevalence of fraud charges stems from the broad scope of the phrase.

What constitutes fraud?

Fraud is a blanket phrase used to refer to a variety of crimes. Fraud encompasses incidents such as identity theft, theft by deception, forgery and hacking. Investment and imposter scams are some of the most widespread forms of fraud. Technology has made many types of fraud easier than ever, though it has also improved tracking and identification of perpetrators.

Can you defend against fraud?

Fraud charges are typically federal cases. While it may feel hopeless, there are options to defend yourself in court. For example, fraud requires an element of deception. If you have any evidence that the alleged victim knew exactly what was happening and consented, that could lead to acquittal.

With more fraud cases occurring online, mistaken identity is common as well. Whether someone accessed your network or computer without authorization, falsely presented themselves as you or the victim simply misidentified the perpetrator, any evidence that casts doubt on the identification can help.

Instances of fraud occur more frequently than you might think. Understanding what constitutes fraud and the options available to defend yourself could help you preserve your freedom. When you face fraud charges, your attorney will help you assess the case to find the best defense based on the information at hand.


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