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What, exactly, is a target letter?

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2022 | White Collar Crimes

The government takes federal crimes as seriously as a heart attack. Agents pursue investigations with bulldogged persistence.

The Department of Justice or an agency related to a case must inform targets that a review is underway. If you become one of these subjects of interest, expect a notification to arrive by mail.

What is in a target letter?

Getting a target letter may confuse you, as you have likely never seen one before. It is not junk. You are not heading to jail at this moment. That said, the contents are of great importance.

Target letters tend to be short. Such correspondence outlines the nature of the alleged crimes and specifically names statutes. They also include deadlines for critical actions. Examples include reporting to a grand jury or meeting with an Assistant U.S. Attorney. Expect to read a passage advising you of your constitutional rights.

What should you do after receiving a target letter?

The moment you learn of an inquiry, reach out to an attorney. The sooner you get in touch, the more time you will have to craft a defense.

Begin compiling vital information. Your legal representative should find this data extremely helpful.

As you contemplate your situation, do not destroy potential evidence. If the prosecutor suspects you of evidence tampering, count on extra charges. Hold off from discussing the issue with anyone other than legal counsel.

Know how to respond to a letter pointing at you as the subject of a criminal inquiry. The decisions you make are bound to help or harm you.


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