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Comparing drug cases with other federal offenses

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2020 | Drug Charges

If you are facing federal charges, you likely have many concerns, from time behind bars to stiff financial penalties and other repercussions. Many people are taken into custody for drug-related offenses that are handled at the federal level and it is helpful to review statistics on these arrests in comparison to other federal offenses. Approach your case with confidence and have a clear understanding of strategies that help protect your future.

Unfortunately, some people become so overwhelmed and hopeless when they are dealing with a federal case that they fail to safeguard their interests in the courtroom.

Looking at statistics on federal drug charges

According to the United States Sentencing Commission, during fiscal year 2018, drug-related charges were the second most prevalent federal offense. Although fiscal year 2018 marked a 4% drop in comparison to fiscal year 2017, over 19,000 federal drug cases were reported to the USSC. Among the various types of unlawful substances, more people faced federal drug charges for methamphetamine than any other unlawful substance. Moreover, over 700 people found themselves in the middle of a federal drug case due to possession. However, a majority of federal drug cases were due to allegations of selling, manufacturing or transporting unlawful substances.

Looking at federal drug cases and prison sentences

Many people facing federal drug charges are sentenced to prison and you need to review different factors that impact sentencing. For example, previous criminal history, participating with the federal government to investigate offenses and the amount of drugs involved can affect how long someone is sentenced to prison. In fiscal year 2018, federal cases involving methamphetamine resulted in an average sentence of 95 months behind bars.


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