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Former executive charged with tax evasion

Federal laws mandate that people report their income to the government every year and pay income taxes as deemed appropriate based on the formulas used in the tax forms and laws.

Failure to file an income tax return or to pay mandated income taxes may result in a person being accused of and charged with a federal crime. The penalties for tax evasion or tax fraud may vary based upon the situation of the individual involved.

Former executive arrested in Europe

According to a report by NPR, a man who founded and once owned a well-known computer software company was recently arrested in Spain and now faces federal charges of evading income tax. Interestingly, the defendant did post public statements on one of his social media accounts late last year regarding his income taxes. He stated that due to a lack of earning income, he would not pay income taxes.

The prosecution, however, alleges that the defendant had earned a significant amount of money during the years when he failed to pay taxes. In addition, the case against the defendant asserts that the man funneled his earnings into other accounts or assets in an attempt to hide the income.

The current charges against the former executive may result in him spending up to 30 years in prison and paying more than $1.7 million in fines.

Alleged connections to other events

Over the years, the defendant has been connected to a variety of other events, including a murder. None of those events are connected to the current charges against him. He has not been charged or convicted of any other crimes.


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