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Quartet Of Russia-Linked Individuals Designated By OFAC For Alleged Attempts To Interfere With US Elections


Last week the Federal government announced sanctions against three Russians and one Ukrainian it says were intimately involved in attempts by the Russian government to influence the outcome of elections in the United States.

The Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) says the quartet were part of Russia’s attempt at sowing discord between the political parties in an effort at destabilizing democratic institutions in the US.

The most noteworthy of the quartet according to OFAC is the Ukrainian, who is also a member of the country’s deliberative body. The Office says he has also been an agent of the Russian Federation for a decade, working under the auspices of the Russian Intelligence Services. OFAC says he has also shown to be involved in an attempt at destabilizing or otherwise interfering in the upcoming general election in November.

OFAC goes on to say that he began late last year to participate in an effort at spreading false information about US officials, which have been picked up and spread by mainstream media outlets. He also allegedly released edited audio and other doctored content that was meant to discredit members of the US government.

The three Russians sanctioned last week were linked by OFAC to the Internet Research Agency, (IRA) which they say is a Russian troll factory. The trio allegedly aided the IRA in funding activities around the world via cryptocurrency.

The Office says this move is part of a wider push to punish and deter bad actors sent by the Russian government to attack the US democratic process.

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