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More Protesters Face Felony Charges Relating To Police Brutality Protests In Hillsborough County

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2020 | Criminal Charges, Drug Charges


More felony charges have been filed by Hillsborough County prosecutors against protesters arrested in May, bringing the number of those charged in connection with violence at the protests against police brutality to almost 5 dozen.

In addition to those already facing charges, the state attorney indicates that cases against another 4 dozen individuals remain under review for charges as well.

The prosecutor’s office initially indicated that it would not charge 67 people arrested for peacefully protesting in an early-June demonstration. Three days later his office charged 11 individuals, with the prosecutor saying a “clear distinction” would be drawn between those found to be violent and those protesting in a peaceful manner.

Last week’s charges generally involve a May 30 protest, which prosecutors say has been the only time so far the protests related to the killing of George Floyd have become violent in the Tampa Bay area. He noted the vandalism done to area businesses and alleged that law enforcement endured objects being thrown at them during the course of the demonstration.

To date the state has filed 52 counts of burglary, 13 counts of grand theft, and 4 counts of battery on a law enforcement officer. Several misdemeanor charges have been lodged against the group of protesters as well. The prosecutor’s office did not name those facing charges.

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