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Holiday Man Sentenced To 27 Years In Federal Prison After Pleading Guilty To Fatal Overdose In Pasco County Jail

A Holiday man already in custody after allegedly driving drunk will now spend decades in Federal custody after pleading guilty to providing illicit drugs to several other inmates, including one who died of an overdose.

The 31-year-old man pled guilty to one count of conspiracy to distribute and possession with intent to distribute fentanyl leading to serious bodily injury in Federal court late last year. According to investigators, the man first drew the attention of law enforcement after he was spotted passed out in his vehicle in January of last year.

Deputies approached the man and determined that he was intoxicated, noting the presence of an uncapped syringe in the passenger seat and his apparent inability to remain awake. Deputies arrested him and booked him into the Pasco County Jail shortly after, where he was charged with DUI.

Per prison officials, inmates began overdosing on drugs within hours of his arrest. One overdose occurred on January 24, with two following in quick succession. Each of the three inmates to overdose say they witnessed illicit drugs in the defendant’s cell, which they say he attempted to dispose of before being discovered.

Prison officials say the drugs he distributed continued to wreak havoc, leading to two more overdoses, one of which was fatal. They say they ultimately found him in possession of fentanyl, methamphetamine, and gabapentin, which they allege he brought into the facility by hiding it in his rectal cavity.

The Boston native ultimately agreed to a plea deal with prosecutors, leading him to enter his plea in November. Last week he was sentenced under the plea to 27 years without parole in Federal prison

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