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Kissimmee Man Facing Murder Charges On Allegations That He Killed His Entire Family In December


Osceola County authorities say a Kissimmee man killed his wife, three children, and dog late last month and left the remains in the home until his arrest last week.

The man, who is a physical therapist, first came to the attention of authorities in late December, when relatives in another state sought from them a wellness check of the family. Deputies arrived at the home and noted nothing odd or incriminating and left.

A few weeks later a federal agency approached Osceola County and asked them to contact the defendant on their behalf. Again deputies went to the home and again they noted nothing of interest within.

The remains were finally discovered by deputies who accompanied federal agents last week as they carried out an arrest for other undisclosed reasons. Osceola County authorities did not specify by what method the individuals were killed, but they did state that the current evidence leads them to believe that the killings were done in late December.

The man, who operated a physical therapy practice in Connecticut during the week, was arrested at his home and booked into the Osceola County Jail. He is now facing three counts of premeditated homicide and one count of cruelty to animals. The defendant continues to be held without bond.

Osceola County authorities did not specify which federal agency sought to arrest the defendant or the reasons for which they desired to arrest him, but court records indicate he was on the verge of eviction. Court records in New York indicate that his business owed creditors nearly $100,000.

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