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Holiday Man Sentenced To Life In Slaying Of Allegedly Noisy Neighbor

A Holiday man who insisted he was responsible for the killing of his neighbor throughout his trial was found by a Pasco County jury to be truthful when they found him guilty at trial last week, assigning him a sentence of imprisonment for life.

The 62-year-old man was the last to testify at his two-day trial, affirming to prosecutors that he was the very person who fired the fatal shots at his 37-year-old neighbor in January. According to investigators, the defendant had grown weary of his neighbor’s constant and loud noise, prompting him to go to great lengths to insulate himself from the cacophony.

The defendant said nothing worked to keep the noise out. He characterized it as a “war,” which he fully intended to win. And win it he did, say prosecutors, when he confronted his noisy neighbor and allegedly fatally shot him as he begged to live.

Defense attorneys attempted to persuade jurors to convict him of a lesser offense, attacking the idea that he acted with premeditation. However, statements the defendant made in his diary calling the victim a bully and promising severe retribution made the idea of premeditation impossible to undermine in the jurors’ minds.

A dozen jurors took less than an hour to return with the verdict: guilty of first-degree murder. They did not give the defendant his wish though, sentencing him to life in prison instead of death as he desired.

The Chinese native now awaits a bunk in a Florida prison where, in all likelihood, he will spend his twilight years, freed only after the flickering flame of his life winks out.

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