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Football season encourages drinking, pregaming

Football season is here, and as it gets closer to the Super Bowl in February, people will continue to go to tailgate parties, football matches and other events. There’s no question that a major part of this celebration of American sports involves alcohol.

Whether it’s drinking a few beers with friends in a parking lot during a game or drinking while you watch a game live at a bar, you may be having a great time but raising your blood alcohol content (BAC) more than you know. Truthfully, if you’re not careful, you could become highly intoxicated over the course of the night.

Alcohol is a part of game-day festivities

According to a survey, a third of respondents stated that they began drinking alcohol as long as two hours before the start of the game. This, aptly called “pregaming,” gives the football fans a buzz long before the game ever starts. On average, fans drink around 3.2 alcoholic beverages before the game.

When you think about where people drink, it can become problematic. For example, many people drive to the stadium parking lot for the football game. They drink there, with their vehicles present. This means that many people have the opportunity to get into their vehicles and drive home, even if their BAC is too high.

It’s the reality that alcohol and football go together, but you must be cautious not to drive if you plan to drink. If you do, you could get into an accident or be stopped for a DUI, both of which will put a negative end to your night.


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