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Veteran faces murder charges over 2 police officer killings

Stress, anxiety and depression can cause people to do terrible things. They may hallucinate or not understand what they’re doing. Sometimes, the trauma of past work or experiences can lead someone down the path to murder. It’s argued that post-traumatic stress and other mental health conditions may be the cause of a double murder in Florida.

An ambush by a Marine veteran led to the deaths of two Florida police officers, according to a Sept. 3 report. The prosecution claim that the man had posted a status update on Facebook under a different name that showed his view of law enforcement. The post called the authorities racist.

On the post, the man generally just stated that he doesn’t like the police, though not in polite words. The man, who had serviced in the military for two decades, allegedly had depression and anxiety. He had no job, was homeless and had been at the VA just a few days prior to the crime.

The night of the killings, one officer was conducting a check into three people when the veteran pulled up. He asked for the sergeant, who also came to the scene. Moments later, after telling the witnesses to leave, the veteran shot them both. The man was arrested with two guns and a knife later at a bar on Orange Blossom Trail.

The veteran’s friends and family claim he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and had been a defense contractor before he came back to Florida. He deteriorated after returning and was laid off from another job. He lost a girlfriend during that time and was sleeping on a friend’s couch, homeless. His attorney argued that he had tried to seek help from the VA hospital in 2017 prior to the shootings and had previously been involuntarily committed under the Baker Act.

He now faces murder charges, with the trial delayed during Hurricane Dorian.

When facing such serious charges, it is vital that you have an experienced criminal defense attorney by your side.


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