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Mental health providers accused of Medicaid fraud in Tallahassee

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2019 | Government Fraud

Two mental health providers in Tallahassee have been indicted by a federal grand jury following accusations of over 80 counts of Medicaid fraud, aggravated identity theft and false statements related to health care.

The case began after the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit started an investigation into the mental health providers. The indictment states that the manager of North Florida Mental Health and a signatory made false and fictitious claims for reimbursement and payment to Florida Medicaid and managed care organizations. They claim to have performed services including psychiatric diagnostic evaluations, psychotherapy and therapeutic behavior services.

The indictment also states that both people had submitted documentation that falsely claimed the manager had not pleaded guilty or no contest to illegal conduct within the last decade. This was false, as she had pleaded guilty to making false statements in New Jersey in 2016.

She and the other party both submitted fictitious and false claims, according to the indictment, and they made fictitious clinical notes and entries for patients on dates when none of those services were provided. Text messages were discovered that showed they had been coordinating with another party to file false claims and split the proceeds with one another.

This case is significant because patients could potentially have been hurt by unlicensed professionals on top of the fraud that had taken place.

If you are accused of any type of government fraud, it’s essential to know that prosecutors take such charges seriously. You should have experienced legal guidance from an attorney who can work to build a strong defense and to protect your rights.


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