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Quartet Of Nicaraguan Officials Designated By OFAC For Alleged Human Rights Abuses


The Federal government last week sanctioned a quartet of Nicaraguan officials over allegations that they are actively involved in abridging the human rights of political dissenters in their own country.

The U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) designated the three men and one woman who are accused of persecuting Nicaraguan citizens via official repression involving enactment of punitive laws, interfering with the freedom of press, and denial of medical care.

Per OFAC, one individual, who is the President of the Nicaraguan National Assembly (NNA), is involved in enacting laws that undermine democracy, including laws that trade pardons for the surrender of free speech and laws that pardon police and other agents of the state who participated in brutal and deadly repressions of political protests.

Another individual sanctioned last week is the country’s Minister of Health. OFAC alleges her of being complicit in the Ministry’s policies of denial of treatment for those injured in political protests against the government, often leading to worsening of such injuries and death. She is also accused of involvement in reporting injured political protesters to police, leading to their disappearance.

A third individual sanctioned by OFAC last week is the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, whom the Office accuses of promoting the president of Nicaragua’s strategy of “exile, jail, or death.” Per OFAC, the policy has led to the death of hundreds, the injury of thousands, and the incarceration of tens of thousands. In addition, the minister is alleged to be the manager of a large share of the wealth of both the president and vice president of Nicaragua, most of which is alleged to have been amassed via illegal and unethical means from the Nicaraguan people.

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