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OFAC Designates Two Individuals And Three Companies For Allegedly Aiding Hizballah


Last week the Federal government announced sanctions against two individuals and three entities with which they have ties for allegedly aiding Hizballah in evading sanctions.

The U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) announced designations of one 29-year-old Belgian national and another 47-year-old Lebanon national, a London-based firm and two Antwerp-based companies for allegedly acting on behalf of previously-designated individuals who were, in turn, supporting Hisballah which itself has been subject to multiple sanctions from the United States government.

Per OFAC, the Belgian national is the son of an individual sanctioned almost one year ago for his continued assistance to Hizballah in financial matters, allegedly providing the group with millions of dollars over the years. Upon his designation, he allegedly turned to his son to continue funding Hizballah. As a result, the son has made several illicit transactions on his father’s behalf, according to OFAC, including forming shell companies to allow his father access to the oil industry.

The Lebanese national sanctioned last week is the brother of an individual with ties to Hizballah who has previously been sanctioned. The man is allegedly a legal agent for his brother, allowing him to buy and sell property on his behalf and enter into business transactions, allegedly including transactions with a well-known Lebanese money launderer.

The three companies designated by OFAC last week are allegedly owned and operated by the Belgium national alongside whom they were designated. One firm is a petroleum company based in Antwerp, another is a management consulting firm in Antwerp, while the third is a computer-related services firm based in London.

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