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Largo Man With History Of Mental Illness Facing Attempted Murder Charges After Near-Fatal Shooting


Neighbors say a history of unpleasantness was the backdrop of an alleged shooting last week that left two women with grievous injuries.

Pinellas County authorities say the most recent chapter began when they were summoned to the apartment of a 39-year-old man a week ago Sunday in response to a noise complaint he made. Telling them he had mental health issues, he alleged that his upstairs neighbors were intentionally making loud noises in an effort at antagonizing him. He also claimed that they had threatened to physically assault him.

The suspect called police again two days later alleging that they made a physical threat against him. Officers responding to the call noted that apartment management was attempting to address the issue by relocating the parties away from each other.

Witnesses reported hearing shots later that evening, followed by observing a chase on foot of one of the upstairs neighbors by the suspect. First responders discovered both neighbors with critical wounds – one woman was shot in the head, while the other woman sustained a wound to the neck. Both were taken to the hospital, where the neighbor who sustained the head wound remains on life support. The suspect allegedly fired at a third individual, but local media did not describe the nature of his wounds, if any.

The once-homeless Florida native was arrested and booked into the Pinellas County Jail on three counts of attempted first-degree murder and a single count of carrying a concealed firearm. He continues to be held in lieu of a bond of $320,000.

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