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Clearwater man headed wrong way on highway faces DUI

Drinking and driving don’t mix well. Those who do choose to drink and drive can end up facing serious penalties, even if they don’t crash or hurt others.

Take for example the case of a 60-year-old man in Clearwater who has been arrested for driving while under the influence. He was stopped by the Clearwater Police for driving the wrong way on the interstate. They reported that he was headed north in the southbound lanes of U.S. 19.

In this case, the man continued to drive even after the police deployed stop stocks on the highway. He did eventually stop at the intersection of U.S. 19 and Countryside Boulevard because he was unable to maneuver around a flatbed tow truck.

Once he was outside his vehicle, police reported that he was stumbling and swaying. He performed a roadside sobriety test, but the police did not report taking a breathalyzer test. He was taken to jail after they reported that he smelled of alcohol.

In situations like this, it’s easy to assume that someone has had too much to drink, but other issues could be making them drive dangerously as well. If you are stopped and charged with a DUI but don’t have a breathalyzer test performed or only have one given, you may have some negotiating room. It is vital that you speak with your attorney if you’re charged with a DUI so that you can begin to protect your rights during this time. If you’re convicted of drunk driving, you could face harsh penalties — so it’s always a good choice to let your attorney fight for you.


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