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Can you be falsely accused of defrauding the government?

Government fraud is a threat to the government, and people may attempt to blow the whistle on any businesses that do so. As a business owner, finding out that someone informed the government that you were defrauding it may shock you. You do your best to file every document correctly, yet you face these false accusations.

It’s not hard to imagine a business making mistakes that could be misconstrued as fraudulent. For example, a medical office might accidentally bill Medicaid or Medicare twice for the same visit. How? Negligence, user error or mislabeling can all play a role.

For instance, the secretary might input that the patient had a preoperative visit, surgery and then surgery a second time instead of a post-operative visit. It’s a slight oversight, but it can make it appear as if the billing office is attempting to get more out of the federal program than it’s entitled to.

In most cases, investigations into alleged frauds can show if the fraud was intentional or if the alleged fraud was simply an oversight or error. In the case of medical offices, remember that billing ID numbers and codes can be extremely close. Patient names can be similar, and accidents do happen. A legitimate error is unlikely to lead to fraud charges. However, if they appear too often or continue despite previous investigations, then a business could get into deep trouble.

If an investigation will take place, your attorney can help you learn more about what you can do to defend your business and prepare for the incoming legal challenges.


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