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Thonotossa Man Charged With Second-Degree Murder In Alleged Matricide


A Thonotossa man is facing murder charges after authorities say he stabbed his own mother to death.

Hillsborough County prosecutors say the 54-year-old man had been living with his mother for over ten years prior to the slaying. However, they say the son, who had a history of mental health issues, was not getting along with his mother over the past several months.

The victim had returned from a brief stay away from her son despite the pleas and warnings of friends. However, those friends said she was committed to living amicably with her son and his several issues.

Per deputies, the man alerted a neighbor early last Sunday to the fact that he had killed his mother. Wearing only a white cloth about his waist, the man arrived at the neighbor’s door covered in blood and holding a crowbar. He allegedly told the neighbor that he had killed someone, repeating the claim as he was arrested by deputies at the scene later that day.

Deputies say they discovered a grisly and disturbing sight within the mobile home. The 78-year-old woman had been killed by extensive trauma to her head and abdomen inflicted by blunt and sharp objects in turn. Several apparent murder weapons were found nearby they said, including a hammer, several knives, a shovel, and scissors, all of which were coated in blood.

The defendant, who exhibited cuts and scratches on his own body, allegedly admitted to striking the victim with both instruments and his own hands and feet in an attempt at crushing what he perceived were bombs on her body. Feeling safe and confident that the bombs were no longer an issue, he proceeded to alert neighbors next door.

The Oregon native was taken into custody at the scene and booked into the Hillsborough County Jail on a single count of second-degree murder. Proceedings are currently underway to determine his competency to stand trial on the charges.

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