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OFAC Designates Quartet Of Venezuelan Governors For Blocking Foreign Humanitarian Aid


Last week saw the federal government place sanctions on four more Venezuelan officials alleged to be connected with the corruption and human rights abuses taking place in and around the regime of disputed President Nicolas Maduro.

On Monday the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) designated four governors of Venezuelan states on allegations that they not only participated in significant amounts of corruption, but also were instrumental in blocking foreign aid sent in an effort at alleviating the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the country.

According to OFAC, one governor presides over a border state that is rife with deeply-entrenched organized crime. The state government is allegedly infested with narcotics trafficking and murder-for-hire plots, including the border police. Highly complex and efficient organized crime operations function openly and notoriously in the state, while the governor allegedly threatens potential opponents with “visits” should they allow access to foreign humanitarian aid.

The four designated governors all share an intense devotion to Maduro as well, according to OFAC. They say one governor promised to secede and become an independent country should a new government come to power, while another has mobilized the state’s police and army to crack down on protesters against the current regime.

As with all such designated individuals, the four men designated in this action are now legally forbidden from exercising ownership rights over property situated in the jurisdiction of the United States. In addition, American citizens are prohibited from conducting business with those under designation by OFAC.

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