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Brandon Man Charged With Murder After Alleged Cannabis Transaction Turned Violent


Hillsborough County deputies say a drug deal gone bad led to murder, alleging a 21-year-old Brandon man to be the party who pulled the trigger.

Deputies say the man met up with his eventual victim on January 28 to conduct the sale of a quantity of cannabis. The deal, which took place in a van, was not completed before the suspect produced a firearm and shot the other party.

Investigators say that, upon firing at the other man, the suspect fled the area. A deputy came upon the van, which was idle in the middle of Woodberry Road near Essex Road at around a quarter to eleven o’clock that evening. Upon his investigation, the deputy discovered the mortally wounded man and began rendering first aid. An ambulance delivered the victim to a nearby hospital where he expired.

The suspect, a New Jersey native, was arrested and booked into the Hillsborough County Jail the next afternoon. Initially booked on a charge of armed robbery and a probation violation related to a previous conviction for battery on a law enforcement officer, the suspect was later charged with felony first-degree murder in relation to Monday’s events. He continues to be held without bond.

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