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Accidental discharge or intentional murder? The court will decide

When you’re going to trial for murder charges, it’s always going to be in your best interests to have an attorney on your side. Oftentimes, the media has already made you out to be a villain, and it can be hard to find jurors who don’t know about your case.

Your attorney’s job is to make sure your interests are protected and that you’re seen as innocent until you’re proven otherwise. Even if you do end up being found guilty, your attorney is there to help reduce the penalties that you face.

Take, for example, a case involving a drug deal. The story describes an accidental shooting that a man now faces capital murder charges for. He is one of four being charged for the death of a 23-year-old.

According to the story, the victim was carrying a .22 pistol along with methamphetamine, which a 41-year-old woman was intending to purchase from him alongside the other three defendants. The primary defendant, a man, intended to beat up the victim, but the gunfire was accidental. It’s alleged that the primary defendant was holding a weapon, but it was the victim who popped the clutch of the vehicle to leave and caused it to roll. This ended up hitting the defendant’s hand and causing a discharge that led to the victim’s death.

The man accused of killing the victim along with the woman and third party stopped in Florida for gas money before returning a gun that the alleged perpetrator said he’d purchase that day but didn’t end up paying for. The gun’s owner demanded it back in a text presented to the court.

The defendant’s attorney argues that this is not a capital murder case but instead a case of accidental shooting and should be charged as such.


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