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Several Questions, Few Answers In Alleged Quintuple Murder in Sebring


Investigators in Sebring are searching for answers after a local man allegedly walked into a bank last week and executed four employees and a customer.

Per local police, a 21-year-old man entered the bank branch just after noon on Thursday armed with a 9mm pistol and demanded that everyone present lie down upon the floor. Five individuals within complied, while a sixth, who was in an adjacent room, heard the commotion and fled through a rear door.

Investigators say the man then shot each of the prone people in the back of the head or the back of the body. He allegedly waited six long minutes before contacting 9-1-1, informing them of his actions and alerting them to the fact that he was wearing bullet-resistant clothing.

While the emergency operator kept the suspect occupied on the phone, the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team and other local law officers approached the building and established a perimeter.

Though the suspect spoke to emergency personnel, he allegedly refused to allow them access to the wounded and dying individuals within the bank. After almost 90 minutes the SWAT team breeched the building’s entrance with an armored vehicle, arresting the suspect without further incident a half hour later.

The suspect did not have an arrest record prior to last week’s events. Records show that he moved to the area from Indiana last fall, and two schools’ records in the northern portion of that state record him as having attended but without graduating.

The suspect was booked into the Highlands County Jail last Wednesday and continues to be held without bail on five counts of first-degree murder.

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