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Man Allegedly Tricks Family Into Thinking His Slain Wife Still Alive For A Year After Her Murder

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2019 | Capital Murder


An Ohio man has been arrested in his home state after Pasco County authorities say he murdered four family members and lied about their deaths for several months.

The 25-year-old man is awaiting extradition back to Florida to face allegations that he murdered his 21-year-old wife, her 71-year-old father, 59-year-old mother, and 25-year-old brother. Authorities aren’t exactly sure when the four were killed, but the last known contact anyone but the alleged murderer had with his wife was a video conference call almost one year ago.

Authorities began the investigation upon the discovery of three bodies in a Tarpon Springs home on January 1. A fourth, apparently that of the suspect’s wife, was later discovered buried in their home in Port Richey. Investigators say all of the bodies exhibit signs of a fatal degree of blunt-force trauma.

Though investigators did not go into detail regarding how they believe the suspect made people think his slain wife was still alive, relatives believe he may have been using her cellphone to send text messages and pictures to trick them. At other times relatives say the suspect informed him that she was not available to speak on the phone.

Despite being apprehended in Ohio, other family members were allegedly told by the suspect that they were residing in Texas, and the slain wife was busily acting as a mother and attempting to get her life in order.

The suspect was finally arrested on January 3 while driving with the couple’s two young children. Ohio authorities say he has already confessed to them responsibility for murdering his wife and the three other relatives.

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