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Leads Sought In Suspected Slaying Of Alleged Local Biker Club Member


Tampa Bay authorities are seeking help in tracking down the individual or individuals responsible for the murder of a local motorcycle club member.

According to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, the body of a 32-year-old man was discovered in front of his home in the pre-dawn hours of January 16 by his fiancée. Investigators have few leads, but they believe his membership in a chapter of a national one-percenter motorcycle club was the catalyst for his untimely demise.

Should the man’s death ultimately be the result in his involvement with a motorcycle club, it is the next chapter in the area’s long history of violence associated with outlaw biker gangs. Authorities say the latest confirmed fatality was that of a chapter president of a different club just over two years ago.

In December 2017 the victim was idling his truck at a stop light when members of a rival gang approached on motorcycles and allegedly shot him several times with fatal results. Three members of the rival gang were ultimately arrested and await trial on the charges.

According to local media, thousands of bikers turned out for the slain president’s funeral. Meanwhile, two other rival gang members were indicted and are still at large. A subsequent investigation indicated that the disagreement sprang from an altercation by members of the two gangs, with members of one group leaving the fight with all or part of the other group’s uniforms. They say a failed assassination attempt and the burning of a clubhouse followed the altercation, leading up to the successful assassination a few months later.

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