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Tampa Woman Charged With Murder In Machete Slaying Of Septuagenarian Man

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2018 | Criminal Charges

Tampa police say a University Square man met his end at the hands of a woman with a machete last week, but they are unsure of a motive for the killing.

The body of Eddie Quezada was discovered in his home in the course of a welfare check by police on September 2 lying in a pool of blood and covered with bloody slashes. A subsequent survey of the premises revealed broken furniture and glass bottles, and blood covering the walls. They say the murder weapon was also found within – a 26″ machete.

The investigation quickly turned up a suspect in Sarah Kynay Martinez, a neighbor of the decedent. Per investigators, witnesses identified her as a frequent guest in his home, and phone records showed a significant number of calls between the two.

Though the police have remained mum regarding a possible motive, they say there is strong evidence that Martinez owed money to Quezada. Court filings indicate that Martinez has had a number of arrests for domestic violence against her parents, who have allegedly been a target of hers due to a drug habit they say she has, leading to demands for money from them.

Martinez allegedly told detectives that Quezada attacked her, and she was forced to defend herself. Per detectives, Martinez says she remembers striking the 74-year-old in the middle of his head, but she blacked out afterwards. She allegedly told them that she searched the house for a change of clothing, and that Quezada was still alive when she left his home.

Martinez’s words did not convince detectives, and she was arrested on September 6 and booked into the Hillsborough County Jail. The Dominican native is being held on a bail of $300,000 on charges of first-degree murder, armed burglary, and robbery with a deadly weapon.

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