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Libyan Militia Leader Sanctioned By OFAC For Alleged Attacks Upon Oil Facilities


A Libyan man alleged to be the leader of a deadly militia accused of a series of attacks on Libyan oil facilities is now facing sanctions by the Federal government.

The U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) announced last week the designation of Ibrahim Jadhran due to his alleged role as head of a militia that has attempted to gain control of Libya’s “oil crescent” since at least 2013.

In 2014, Jadhran’s militia allegedly loaded the ship Morning Glory with illicit crude oil from the port of el Sidra. His attempts at marketing the oil were foiled by the United States Navy, who inspected the ship and subsequently returned it to Libya.

Jadhran’s militia was ejected from the “oil crescent” in 2016, and his forces have allegedly been attempting to regain control of the area ever since. The United States government says in June of this year Jadhran’s militia attacked and seized two oil export terminals in Libya, causing massive damage to the facilities along the way. With losses of tens of millions of dollars each day the facilities were offline, the total loss to Libya exceeded $1.4 billion by the time the facilities were re-taken and repaired.

With Jadhran’s designation by OFAC, he is prohibited from exercising any rights to property he possesses within the jurisdiction of the United States. Furthermore, United States citizens are prohibited from knowingly conducting business with Jadhran, and any other individuals who knowingly conduct business with him do so at the risk of becoming subject to sanction themselves.

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