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New Port Richey Man Facing Murder Charges After Missing Woman’s Body Allegedly Found In His Apartment

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2018 | Criminal Charges


A missing woman’s remains found in a New Port Richey man’s apartment has resulted in murder charges against him.

The family of Christine Nelson reported her to the authorities as missing on August 5, but her vehicle was soon found in front of the apartment of Roy Toro. Only yards away from her own dwelling, Toro’s apartment immediately became an area of intense scrutiny by police at that point.

According to police, a perusal of the yard turned up blood on a curtain covering the apartment’s back window. Coupled with a cell phone search that placed Nelson’s phone in the immediate vicinity, Toro’s apartment seemed a likely place to find her, per the police.

Police say a friend volunteered to open a window to the apartment, allowing officers to see Nelson’s blood-soaked remains on the floor. They say they discovered Toro unconscious in the apartment’s bedroom, covered in blood as well.

Superficial stab wounds, a bloody knife, and signs of a struggle in the apartment all pointed to foul play, say investigators, and a door locked from the inside indicated that nobody had left since the deed. A subsequent examination of Nelson’s body displayed blunt-force trauma as her cause of death, with stab wounds contributing to it, per the coroner.

Toro was booked into the Pasco County Jail early on August 8 on a single charge of premeditated murder. The Brooklyn, New York native continues to be held without bond.

According to local reports, Toro served a two-year prison sentence a decade ago after pleading no contest to a charge of false imprisonment.

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