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Broward County Man Sought in Connection with 2011 DUI Manslaughter Arrested in Fort Meade


Officers of the Florida Highway Patrol say they arrested a man last week who has been sought for seven years due to his alleged involvement with a drunken car accident that left one dead.

In late March 2011, investigators say a red Dodge Ram pick-up truck piloted by Bartly Joseph Jude Gorman was traveling west on I-75 when it encountered a silver Toyota 4Runner at around mile post 31. Reports say Gorman’s vehicle failed to slow when it came upon the other car, striking it in the rear.

The collision sent the 4Runner into a canal, say prosecutors, along with both passengers. Though initially uninjured, one occupant, later identified as Yvon Pierre, had never learned to swim. Lacking such knowledge spelled a premature end for Pierre, and he did not survive the plunge. The other occupant reached shore without incident and was uninjured.

Per investigators, Gorman did not remain at the scene, allegedly opting to flee. He was found later by a Broward County airborne unit, and officers retrieved a blood sample upon reaching him. However, Gorman was allowed to proceed home unarrested.

Police say the subsequent toxicology report showed his blood-alcohol content at the time as 0.18%, which is above Florida’s legal limit. An arrest warrant followed, but Gorman allegedly chose to go incognito in order to avoid charges. Per investigators, Gorman lived on the lam by using fraudulent IDs until his capture last week.

Gorman was booked into the Polk County Jail on two counts of possessing a fake ID. He is also facing charges in Broward County of DUI manslaughter, vehicular homicide, three counts of DUI with property damage, and one count of theft. In addition, Catherine Ann Gallagher was arrested simultaneously on a charge of harboring a fugitive.

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