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Pizza Delivery Leads to Apprehension of Attempted Murder Suspect


What started last week with an alleged drug deal ended with the delivery of a pizza and a charge of attempted murder.

According to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, Luis Marino “Boogie” Nieuwkerk and an unknown group of other individuals met at a Port Richey residence late in the evening of January 9 to allegedly conduct a drug transaction. Detectives say the deal failed to materialize, and in its place a dispute arose, ultimately leading to Nieuwkerk firing off two rounds in the direction of the other participants prior to fleeing the scene.

Though the identities of the others at the alleged drug buy was not discovered by investigators, Nieuwkerk’s vehicle was tracked back to a nearby apartment complex. However, investigators were initially unable to identify which, if any, apartment he was residing in.

They say they received their lucky break in the form of a pizza delivery man. Upon questioning, he told investigators that he had just delivered a pizza to “Boogie” and identified the unit where the delivery took place. Armed with that information, sheriff’s deputies proceeded to the unit and apprehended Nieuwkerk without incident.

The Queens, New York native was booked into the Land O’Lakes Detention Center on a single count of attempted murder. He is being held there in lieu of a $250,000 bond.

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