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Suspect Charged with Four Counts of First-Degree Murder in Seminole Heights Slayings


A six-week-long manhunt came to a close last week after Tampa police apprehended the man they suspect of four killings in Seminole Heights.

Following up on a tip from the manager of the fast-food restaurant at which he works, Tampa police arrested Howell Emanuel “Tre” Donaldson III last Tuesday on suspicion of killing four people in the span of six weeks.

According to police, Donaldson arrived at his place of work that afternoon and inexplicably asked his manager to hold his pistol for him while he traveled on foot to obtain a payday loan nearby. Perplexed at the act, another employee and the manager discussed the situation before bringing it to the attention of a Tampa police officer within the restaurant. The officer, who was busy filling out paperwork when approached by the duo, summoned other officers to the location, detaining Donaldson initially under the guise of questioning.

Though the police say they have received thousands of tips to date, all led to naught prior to this, as authorities announced the arrest of the suspected Seminole Heights serial killer late that evening.

Citing the ongoing investigation, Tampa police were initially tight-lipped about most details surrounding the case. However, confident that they had found their man, police booked the 24-year-old North Carolina native into the Hillsborough County Jail early the next morning on four counts of first-degree murder. He is being held there without bond.

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