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St. Pete Man Accused of DUI with Serious Injury After Allegedly Causing Wrong-Way Wreck on Campbell Causeway

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2017 | Uncategorized


A St. Petersburg man was arrested last week after authorities say he drove the wrong way while intoxicated on the Courtney Campbell Causeway and initiated a wreck that injured a handful of people.

Police say that Collin John Cole piloted his Ford F-150 light truck the wrong direction in the eastbound lanes of State Road 60 over Old Tampa Bay around ten o’clock last Friday night. A couple in a Toyota Corolla allegedly spotted him first, veering off onto the shoulder and narrowly avoiding a collision. However, according to the report, Cole’s vehicle struck the rear of a Hyundai Santa Fe behind them and immediately east of Ben T. Davis Beach.

According to authorities, the first accident was not sufficient to stop Cole, as he allegedly continued west on 60, subsequently striking a Ford Mustang. This was not the end of the escapade, according to the police, as they say he proceeded from that point to travel on and strike a Honda Pilot in a head-on collision. This wreck effectively ended the conscious control of Cole’s journey according to police, but the momentum of the event sent his badly-battered truck into the path of a Honda Accord, which met with his vehicle in a nose-to-nose collision as well.

Few details regarding the various injuries to the parties involved were released initially by police, but they did reveal that at least one person was taken to the hospital and was listed in critical condition, while another was transported to a hospital and classified as being in serious condition. An unknown number of others involved in the event were taken to a hospital to receive treatment for less serious injuries.

Cole, who is the owner and president of a local trucking company, was booked into Hillsborough County Jail on charges of driving under the influence, leaving the scene of a crash with bodily injury, and two counts of DUI with serious bodily injury. He was subsequently released after posting a bond of $4,750.

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