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Tampa Man Sentenced to Almost a Decade in Prison on Federal Wire Fraud Conviction

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2017 | Uncategorized


Already serving a sentence for allegedly engaging in a similar scheme, a Tampa man received almost a decade more to serve in federal prison last week for a new conviction on charges of investment fraud.

Anthony J. Klatch Jr. stood before U.S. District Judge James D. Whittemore last Monday to apologize for orchestrating a scheme prosecutors say was intended to bilk unsuspecting investors. They say it was successful too, netting Klatch over half a million dollars before his arrest.

According to federal prosecutors Klatch was on supervised release from a 2011 fraud conviction when he started a capital management company in Tampa in 2015. Allegedly introducing himself under the alias Larry Heim, prosecutors say he represented his company as managing over $18 million in assets.

Prosecutors went on to say that he approached individuals in chat rooms and presented them with forged financial statements to convince them that his company was legitimate and wildly successful. His alleged victims then wired money to a bank account registered to his firm, and Klatch either used it for his own personal wants and needs or lost it on the stock market.

This sentencing is the latest in a long string of court appearances Klatch has had over the past two years. While completing his 2011 sentence he walked away from a halfway house last year only to be recaptured a few months later in Miami, allegedly in possession of fake IDs that he used to make fake credit cards. Those cards, investigators said, were used to purchase luxury sports cars and memberships to resorts. Klatch was sentenced to another nine months behind bars for the escape.

In addition, Klatch pled guilty to a charge of wire fraud this spring in Tampa.

At trial his defense team pointed out that he suffers from bipolar disorder, alcoholism, cocaine addiction, and issues with body image. In addition, his attorneys say he was the victim of sexual abuse as a child. However, federal prosecutors painted him as a highly-intelligent sociopath who is a continuing risk to society.

Klatch received a sentence of 9-1/2 years in federal prison without parole for the crime of wire fraud. He will also serve another three years of supervised release, will pay restitution to his victims, and is mandated to undergo mental health treatment.

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