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Riverview Man Accused of Slaying Mother on Her Birthday


A Riverview man is in jail today, accused of brutally killing his mother on her birthday.

Joshua Leon Carmona was arrested last Tuesday after Hillsborough County Sheriff’s deputies say he beat his mother with a baseball bat before delivering the coup de grâce with a butcher knife to her neck.

According to investigators, Tahirih Lua D’Angelo was killed around noon last Tuesday at the townhome in which they both lived. Her father-in-law allegedly discovered the body four hours later and alerted police.

Investigators say Carmona has long considered ending the life of his mother but had not yet decided to carry out the desire until her 39th birthday last Tuesday. He graduated in the top 5% of his high school class a year ago and was studying at Fordham University, the Ivy League school in New York City.

Carmona has had run-ins with the law in recent months, accused of involvement in a violent car theft in Pennsylvania and arrested on suspicion of DUI in Georgia.

Investigators say Carmona fled the scene of the crime after wrapping D’Angelo’s body in a comforter and placing it in the bathroom. He was apprehended driving north on Interstate 275 near Hillsborough Avenue, where he allegedly threw himself on the ground upon being stopped. Carmona allegedly told investigators where to find the implements he used in the murder, and that he intended to return to the townhome and kill his stepfather as well.

Carmona is being held without bail at the Hillsborough County Jail on a charge of first-degree murder. He made his first appearance before a judge last Wednesday via closed-circuit television. He was clad in an anti-suicide smock due to comments he allegedly made to investigators about committing suicide after completing the murder.

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