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Tampa Postal Worker Found Guilty in Theft of $2MM in Social Security Checks


A former federal mail handler was convicted of charges relating to the theft of thousands of Social Security checks worth approximately $2 million dollars on Wednesday.

A federal jury found Stacy Darnell Mitchell guilty of theft of government property and theft of mail. Although a sentencing date has yet to be set, Mitchell could face up to fifteen years without parole in federal prison. A mail handler for fifteen years, the 48-year-old man was alleged to have stolen over three thousand checks in the first ten months of 2012. Prosecutors say he targeted checks of over $1,000 while at work at the St. Petersburg Processing and Distribution Center.

Another man, Richard Lee Anderson, admitted to authorities in a plea agreement last year that he received the majority of those checks from Mitchell and sold them for a percentage of their face value. The checks were then cashed at local check-cashing businesses and convenience stores. According to his plea agreement, he split the proceeds with Mitchell.

Three other individuals named by authorities as accomplices have already been convicted of federal offenses related to the crimes alleged.

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