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Loud Television Leads Hillsborough County Deputies to Alleged Cannabis Grow Operation

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2016 | Uncategorized


A Brandon couple are facing charges relating to cannabis cultivation after sheriff’s deputies were called to the home to investigate a complaint of a loud television.

Deputies were called to the residence of Eduardo Jesus Estevez-Aguilera, aged 34, and Barbara Ann Wilson, aged 42, in Brandon’s Mayfield neighborhood early on the morning of November 21 to respond to a domestic disturbance complaint. The responding deputies said that they noticed a “strong odor” of cannabis in the home, which led them to obtain a search warrant, executing it later the same morning.

Upon entering the residence, police say the garage was being used for growing cannabis. They say they also found over eighteen pounds of processed cannabis, which they estimate to have a black-market value of $36,700.

In addition to the cannabis, the deputies reported the possibility of electricity theft to TECO, who sent a representative to the residence to investigate. TECO subsequently claims that the duo stole $5,185.70 in electricity, and has agreed to press charges.

Authorities say that the couple had three children living with them in the residence, and will therefore charge them with child neglect as well.

Both individuals were booked into the Hillsborough County Jail at about a quarter past eight o’clock that morning. They both face charges of felony cannabis possession, third-degree grand theft, manufacture of cannabis, and three counts of child neglect. Estevez-Aguilera posted bond and was released the next morning. Wilson, who lists her profession as that of a teacher at Oak Grove Elementary, bonded out later that night.

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