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Tampa Man On the Run After Allegedly Slaying Mother of Three

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2016 | Uncategorized


An alleged murderer is still at large today after Hillsborough County Sheriff’s deputies say that he shot and killed his girlfriend and wounded another man who attempted to intervene.

Antelmo Ontiveros, 28, allegedly fatally shot his girlfriend, Banesa Martinez Herrera, 30, after he arrived uninvited to a barbecue on the 1500 Block of Wishing Well Way in Clair-Mel. Shots rang out at around 2 A.M. Thursday morning, and afterwards Herrera lay dead and Christian Picazo-Guzman, who attempted to physically prevent the shooting, had himself been wounded in the leg.

According to local media, Ontiveros promised to kill Herrera if she notified his wife of their relationship. Herrera, a mother of three boys aged 13, 11, and 7, had been dating Ontiveros for only a few months when her friends say that she realized that he had a problem with anger management, aggravated by alcohol abuse. However, the duo were said to be working towards renting a three-bedroom house, Herrera having sent her sons to live with their grandmother in Fort Meade so she could work more hours than usual.

Although Ontiveros allegedly provided Herrera money for her children, his behavior soon became intolerable and she tried to end the relationship, according to her friends. That occurred shortly before the alleged events at the barbecue last week.

While recovering in the hospital from a shattered bone in his leg, Picazo-Guzman told local media that Ontiveros’ jealousy over witnessing Herrera talking to another man led him to leave the barbecue, which evidently did not concern Herrera, as she considered the relationship over. During an argument that ensued, Herrera, who had indicated to Ontiveros that she would reveal the relationship to his wife, reiterated her promise. Ontiveros challenged her to call his wife, which she did in his presence, informing her of their relationship. That allegedly enraged Ontiveros, leading to the shooting.

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s deputies obtained a warrant for Ontiveros shortly thereafter on charges of Second Degree Murder with a Firearm and Attempted Second Degree Murder with a Firearm. Ontiveros is still at large, and deputies consider him armed and dangerous.

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