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What constitutes a drug conspiracy?

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2023 | Criminal Charges

Federal drug charges come with steep consequences, but there are a number of aggravating circumstances that can harshen the potential penalties against you. One situation that can increase the gravity of your charges is if you stand accused of participating in a drug conspiracy.

While you might feel that the odds are against you when facing accusations of furthering a drug conspiracy, there are options available to you. Give yourself the best chance at a favorable outcome by understanding the implications of a drug conspiracy charge and how you can defend yourself.

What are drug conspiracy charges?

The state of Florida defines a criminal conspiracy as the act of agreeing or planning to commit a criminal offense with another party. Drug conspiracies at a federal level typically involve the movement of large quantities of controlled substances in accordance with a plan formed with one or more co-conspirators. Drug trafficking across state lines, for example, constitutes a federal drug conspiracy offense.

What are your options when charged with drug conspiracy?

Defending yourself against conspiracy charges entails proving that you had no intent to commit the crime. You might do this by asserting that you did not agree to commit a criminal offense, therefore no conspiracy existed in the first place. Alternatively, you might seek to prove that you did not know there was a plan, you withdrew your support for the plan or that you participated under the influence of coercion or threats.

Defending yourself from serious drug charges, including those involving the suspicion of a criminal conspiracy, it is essential to have the support of an experienced attorney. Learn more from our page on criminal charges.


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